Free Factory Tour and delicious Tasting Treats

Guess what The Factory is making on Saturday February 12th ?????

Click to choose:


The First 200 correct answers will receive a Free Factory walk through Tour with Delicious Tastings… Yummm….

Details: Factory Tours commence at 8am, to 1:30pm Saturday 12th February 2022.


Breakfast, Lunch, Desserts are available at our café see our menu.


Free Junior Chocolate Workshop Raffle

On the same day 8 children between the ages of 5 to 13 from The Factory Tour winners will participate in a Free 70 minute chocolate creation workshop with our Chocolate Teacher EXTRAORDINAIRE Angela.


If you were not successful in guessing the correct answer you are invited for a 50% off Sweetheart tour with your Valentine on 16th through to 18h February 2022.